Ellen Vicius is a brand that is dedicated to the development and production of fashion accessories in leather.

The satisfaction of the client is our priority

Working for an ongoing improvement in Quality and Environment, to assure the competitiveness of our products, always having in mind the environment enrolment of the activities, products and services, searching to prevent and reduce systematically the respective environment impacts and privileging the adoption of the best technics.

Collaborators as support for the success

We aim everyday to provide the best work conditions and continuous training reinforcing the awareness and competence related with the quality and the environment, motivating out collaborators to work as a team where the individual dedication is the collective success.

Suppliers as a warranty of quality and environmental practices

Supplier`s selection and evaluation are determinant factors for the success of our products and services, this way, we are going to influence the suppliers behaviours and responsible environment practices.

Fulfilling the legal requirements is for us one way of being

We are fully aware of our legal and environmental obligations and are completely engaged in their fulfillment while researching for the most efficient and ecological
production means in order to be prepared in advance for the new legal requirements applied to our activity sector.

Our commitment goes to the rational use of natural resources and preventing pollution.

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