Terms and Conditions


Diálogos Pioneiros with head office at Centro Empresarial de Braga, lote 2D R/C Ferreiros - 4705-319 BRAGA, PORTUGAL, VAT number PT 510 682 154. Tel: +351 253 103 144.

Application of the terms and conditions

An order placed by the Customer implies they accept all the present terms and conditions.

Validity of our offers

The items displayed on the site are available until depletion of stocks. All the products displayed are with stock available.
In the event of debit or payment of an order for an item which is unavailable, Diálogos Pioneiros - Distribuição, Lda shall develop the item or offer the client a credit note or refund within 15 days.
Diálogos Pioneiros shall send an email to any client who has placed an order for an item which is unavailable.

Products Presentation

All products for sale are described and presented as accurately as possible.
However, Diálogos Pioneiros Lda cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions which may occur in this presentation.
The photos supporting the product information are non-contractual.

Products Price

Prices are in Euros inclusive of VAT. We reserve the right to change prices if there is a change in the VAT rate. These changes may be passed on in the price of the items without previously informing the client. Diálogos Pioneiros will not be held responsible for refunding the VAT on purchases made by customers.
Diálogos Pioneiros reserves the right to change prices at any time but the products are invoiced on the value of the product when the order was made.

Ordering and Secure Payment

The client validates the order as noted above. This validation means you accept the present Terms and Conditions.
The client interested by an article visible on this site follows this process to place an order. After clicking on the "Checkout" icon and verifying the characteristics of their order (color, amount, price, etc.), the client validates the choice (where available) of one or more selected products with a click.
If the client benefits from a special offer, he/she should enter the code that was previously attributed to them in the space provided. For the first order, the client has a form to fill-out containing the following information: first name, surname, complete delivery address, email and telephone number. The client creates a password at this time.
Clients may pay with their debit or credit card directly via the Pay-pal website, with their Pay-pal account. Having a Pay-pal account is not mandatory. Alternatively you can opt for a bank transfer and once this is done, please send us the receipt.

Payment Default
Diálogos Pioneiros reserves the right to refuse to honor an order placed by a client that has not totally or partially paid a preceding order or with whom a payment dispute is being handled.

Payment Verifications
Diálogos Pioneiros verifies all the orders that have been validated on the site. These verifications aim to protect Diálogos Pioneiros from abusive practices operated by a fraudster.
Our services might ask you to provide additional information to unblock your order: residence certificate in the name of the person indicated for the delivery address. These requests will be made by email:
- For an order for which the delivery address is different to the billing address;

- For new clients or any customer that never had the account verified;

- For an order of more than 1500 Euros;

Payment security

In order to ensure secure payments, Diálogos Pioneiros uses a secure payment service provided by Pay Pal. This service utilizes the SSL security standard. Confidential data (16-digit bank card number as well as expiracy date, security code) are encrypted and sent directly to the bank server without passing through the physical Diálogos Pioneiros server.

Sign up / Sign in

Customers who have already made a purchase at Ellen Vicius can choose a password which allows them to proceed with new orders without having to register again.
The Customer who has already subscribed is recognized on the site as being a customer at Ellen Vicius.
Our customer's passwords are strictly confidential and personal. They will never be divulged to a third party.


The delivery time will vary (excluding weekends and Portuguese public holidays) from the date your order was dispatched, not withstanding a natural disaster or unforeseen event outside of the control of Diálogos Pioneiros which would delay delivery. The item will be sent in 3 business days or less.
The delivery timing is valid for any order registered on our website and validated by our team before 12:00 a.m. (London Time), for orders validated after 12:00 a.m., please add an extra working day to your delivery time.

Money-back Warranty

All items purchased at Diálogos Pioneiros may be exchanged, free of charge, for another size or a refund. The trying period, during which the customer can exchange the product or use the withdrawal right, is 15 days from the date of reception.

Processing consignments not delivered by our transport partner
These are consignments which have not been delivered to the final destination for the following reasons: Undeliverable, not claimed, refused, damaged in transit, opened...

Returned as "UNDELIVERABLE":
Orders returned by the transporter with the following remark: Undeliverable.
Once we have received and accepted your order, Diálogos Pioneiros will contact the customer in order to send the order if the product is still available or to offer a refund if the customer prefers.
Diálogos Pioneiros reserves the right to offer a refund for the order and not to resend.

Returns due to "NOT CLAIMED":
Orders which have not been claimed by the customer within the time limits.
Once we have received and accepted your order, Diálogos Pioneiros will contact the customer in order to resend the order if the product is still available or to offer a refund if the customer prefers.
Diálogos Pioneiros reserves the right to offer a refund of the order and not resend it if "NOT CLAIMED" have been identified.

Returns due to "REFUSED":
You have refused your order on delivery.
Once we have received and accepted your order, a credit note will be put in your customer account in the 72 hours following receipt of your consignment. You can request the cancellation of your credit note and its refund directly trough sales@ellenvicius.com.

In the event an order is returned due to "UNDELIVERABLE ", "NOT CLAIMED ", or "REFUSED", Diálogos Pioneiros cannot warranty the ordered products reservation and may need to offer a refund depending on product's availability.

Customized/personalized items
Returns and refunds do not apply to personalized or customized items as predicted by law:
"The supply of goods produced or ordered according to customers specifications ou manifestely customized can not be returned".


For all stages, from access to the site, browsing, filling in forms,placing an order, delivering items or any other service, Diálogos Pioneiros cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience or damages arising from the use of the Internet and completely outside the diligence and precautions taken by Diálogos Pioneiros.
In particula we cannot be held responsible for any disruption in provision of the service, or any external intrusion or presence of a computer virus. Similarly, any event which qualifies as higher force in the legal sense by the Portuguese Court fully exonerates Diálogos Pioneiros from all responsibility. Customers benefit from warranties offered by the brand listed on the site.

Intellectual Property

All elements on the Ellen Vicius, visual or audio,including the underlying technology, are protected by copyright,brand and patent law.
They remain the exclusive property of Diálogos Pioneiros.
All hypertext links forwarding to Diálogos Pioneiros and used in particular framing, deep-linking, in-line linking or any other deep linking technology is strictly prohibited.
In all events, any link, even authorised, must be removed when requested by Diálogos Pioneiros.

Personal Data

Diálogos Pioneiros in the interest of the service, reserves the right to collect personal data about site users, in particular using "Cookies".
Diálogos Pioneiros also reserves the right to use data collected on the site for commercial purposes.
In all cases, any site's user may at any time access, rectify and delete their personal data.
All requests relative to this article must be sent by email to the address store@ellenvicius.com.

Information Technology and Privacy
Collection of personal data

When creating your account and your orders at www.ellenvicius.com (hereafter referred to as the Site), Diálogos Pioneiros is required to collect personal data about you.
The organization responsible for collecting this data is Diálogos Pioneiros with head office at Centro Empresarial de Braga, lote 2D R/C Ferreiros - 4705-319 BRAGA, PORTUGAL, VAT nº PT 510 682 154 Tel: +351 253 103 144.
The term "Personal data" implies all data which enables a person to be identified, in particular, first name, phone number, birthdate, email address, postal address as well as any other relevant information you may choose to communicate to Diálogos Pioneiros.
In the interest of the fight against fraud outlined below (points 2 and 3), Diálogos Pioneiros is also likely to keep information concerning transactions made on its Site.

Reasons for collecting this data

Your personal data is collected for one or more of the following reasons:
1. to manage your orders on the Site,
2. to compile commercial statistics, for market and behavioural research,
3. to create and manage potential customer files, including in particular technical operations such as standardisation, enrichment and duplication,
4. to carry out customer management operations,
5. to select a customer base for canvassing and promotional purposes,
6. to draw up communications and promotional messages from Diálogos Pioneiros. You can unsubscribe from these offers at any time by clicking on the relevant link located at the bottom of the relevant emails.
7. to respect our legal and regulatory obligations.
8. to fight fraud in the conditions defined in point 3 below.

Fighting fraud

In order to fight fraud, Diálogos Pioneiros, has put in place a system which uses exclusion lists which may lead to:
1. Requesting certain documents from you after payment has been completed in order to secure the transaction in the event of an automatic alert triggered by information from your order.
2. Blocking your order if your customer account has already been used for fraudulent activity.

Use of data collected

Diálogos Pioneirosis committed not to disclose customer data to third parties for commercial purposes.
Only our company and external companies contracted to us for the processing of your order have access to the information you provide us. The people who will have access to your personal data within Diálogos Pioneiros are, within the limits of their respective assignments, the sales department, administrative departments, the technical department and auditing departments (auditor, departments responsible for internal inspection procedures).
Other recipients of your personal data may also be public bodies, exclusively to meet legal obligations, legal assistants, members of the legal professions and organizations responsible for debt recovery.

Length of time personal data will be retained

The data that we collect is retained for a period of five years from the date of the last transaction you made on the Site or the last time your client account was updated, with the exception of shortened bank card numbers and their expiracy dates, which are only retained for a duration of six months as part of the fight against fraud.
In the absence of a new transaction or update of your customer account during the five-year period, your data will be deleted automatically.


We ensure that all practical precautions are taken in order to ensure the security of your personal data and in particular to prevent them from being manipulated, damaged or disclosed to non-authorized third parties.


When you choose to communicate your personal data to the Site, you are expressing your consent for it to be collected and used in compliance with the stipulations of the current charter and legislation.

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